Mika and Amy met during the summer of 2008 in Athens, Ohio and quickly bonded over dinosaurs, crafts, tiny things, and of course: booze and gore. 

Mika had always been fascinated by the bloody, strange, and unusual, but was forbidden from watching scary movies as a kid. Amy, meanwhile, saw Hellraiser as an infant. Her fascination with the occult and anatomy seemed almost a given. 


And then...

As a sisturdhood formed, these two braved wave after wave of terrible horror films, comforting each other with deliciously boo!zy concoctions. 

Their podcast, Ghoul Cop/Bat Cop, was lovingly gestated over the course of their friendship before it finally came screaming into life on October 31st, 2017 - the best day of the year. 

And now the two strive to bring all of you boos and ghouls the spookiest, quality entertainment, hauntingly delicious libations, and horrorfull movie recommendations all year round.