After Hours: Morror Heroin

What's the deal with Vancouver? Mikayla does what with yogurt? But really - does anyone know how to pronounce Ramune?

What happens when you combine equipment tests, The Mangler, Mitsuwa goodies, and two idiots? A whole lotta nothing. Bonus: Get a sneak preview of our next, holiday themed eep!sode.

And don't worry! We still made up cocktails to go with nothing. They're gross. You're welcome.




1 15.25oz can of sweet corn

2 cups whole milk

2 Tlbs of sugar

Pinch of kosher salt

Cinnamon stick

3oz amaretto

0.75oz arakku

Ground cinnamon, to taste


Purée corn and 2/3 cup of milk. Transfer to pot and add remaining milk, sugar, salt and cinnamon stick. Bring to boil and simmer 2-3 minutes. Strain. Return to pot and stir in amaretto and arakku. Top with ground cinnamon, to taste.



2 oz whipped cream vodka


1 tbs powdered peanut butter

Ramune blueberry soda

Cream soda

Muddle blueberries with vodka. Mix peanut butter in a shotglass of water. Shake blueberries, vodka, peanut butter mixture with ice vigorously. Pour to fill 1/2 of glass. Fill with Ramune and cream soda, to taste. Top with blueberries.